Mission Statement:

      Apple Tree Residential Appraising is a professional, reliable company whose purpose is to provide appraisal services with the utmost promptness and quality.



Having lived in the Rio Grande Valley for 30 years, we at Apple Tree understand the uniqueness of the real estate market in this area and have seen the rapid growth it has undergone.  

We see ourselves as part of your team in getting the loan process done. Reliable, accurate appraisal reports help lenders make informed decisions on the completion of a loan. That is why we put 100% of our effort in gathering accurate market data for every report we produce.  


We also know that turn-around time is crucial. Appointments are made within 24 hours of recieving the appraisal order. Also, only the most updated software and web services are used to expedite appraisal processes. 

We are HVCC compliant and work with lenders, banks, and appraisal management companies to provide the best service in the Valley.  


Certified Appraisers:

Rosalinda Sauceda 

Gerardo M. Sauceda


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